Meeting People Matters: What does your heart desire? Or What do you aspire to achieve?

Connect with influencers, work, meet, network, learn or onboard clients you are going to need for your product or services @ BiCstreet Cape Town. Become a Member today! From only R1,500 a month. Start with our 5 DAY FREE TRIAL. Get R500 with every Referral that becomes a Member.


Social Presentation Space

BiCstreet is a social utility space that lets you onboard clients you need. Think of it as strategic marketing and advertising.

Company Meetings

Your staff and clients still need to meet human to human to enhance productivity. Book our meeting rooms when you need it on the fly!


Entrepreneur, Day Trader, Hedge fund, Wealth Manager, or Startup looking for investors. Let BiCstreet work for you. Meet people!

Amplify Your Brand @BiCstreet!

If you are serious about client acquisition for financial services, trading, wealth management, tech product launches, real estate, or anything lifestyle, product or service... then you need to talk directly to consumers you need to onboard. What does your heart desire?

Look great
Sell yourself
It's that simple!

Breakfast or Lunch @BiCstreet

Selling to onboard clients you need is all about strategy and psychology to acquire

Breakfast or Lunch

A yummy English, Continental, Veggie Breakfast, or decadent Lunch at BiCstreet is a strategic way to present to invited potential clients. so you can captivate their imagination and onboard them in to your sales funnel

Hybrid your Event with Webinars to Scale

Nothing beats meeting potential clients in person. It's even better if they are meeting you in a niche group at BiCstreet. Now, let's leverage that with a Live Webinar while you present your product launch, or service

Closing your Clients with Data!

You've given a knockout presentation over breakfast, or lunch at BiCstreet and they've had an amazing experience. All you have to do right there and then is Close and collect intelligent data you need
Perfect Sales Strategy
You're Feeling Good
Get Referrals
No. of Clients Closed
They're Talking About You
You Rock!

Niche Presentations

We've created one of the best spaces in Cape Town for niche presentations with great flexibility to move things around should you need to

Works for you
Gets you clients
Give it a try!

Need Team Meetings on the Fly?

Whilst your staff work from home, they still need to meet occasionally, because that is what humans naturally do. It's good for your managers or specific client meetings too!

Centrally located
Bring your team together
Meet clients

Perhaps You Need Our Entire BiCstreet?

Covid19 means companies are reorganising how staff work from home, or work from anywhere! Subscribe your staff to BiCstreet Membership in case they get bored, or hire out our entire space like Airbnb for the day or week!

The world has changed
Cost efficiency
Whenever you need it!

We Have a Bar & VIP Area Too!

Whether you've hired out all of BiCstreet, or are using only a part of it for the day or week, let our VIP area take out the stress for your self- catering needs. Go on... You deserve it!

Cosy and intimate
Social deal making for business

Art Matters Too!

Because we are working with Art Galleries & Art Dealers around South Africa and the continent, BiCstreet aims to provide opportunities for Art Lovers and Investors to acquire exciting works of art for their investment portfolios. Art @BiCstreet weekly exhibitions along with wine & hors d'oeuvres is coming soon. If you are an art dealer, enquire about this unique opportunity to display works from your portfolio and let's exhibit to investors who can acquire them tastefully.

Title: ‘R 5.00 ‘ Ryan Shava Acrylic on canvas 122 x 91 cm R 28 000.00. Enquire below about this piece

If You Are Not Joining Us...

someone else could be eating your lunch


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