BiCstreet Assets

It´s a competitive world out there!


Scale With Us

We aim to grow BiCstreet into a global social brand that helps millennials and gen Z compete effectively in a highly challenging world where jobs and income is obsolete...

BiCstreet Studio

We aim to implement video, podcasting and other creative facilities within our anchor building to attract all kinds of creatives from around the world.

Africa Art & Asset Fund

Millennials can soon participate in our Africa Art & Asset Fund through our Non Fungible Token (NFT) as limited partners and also get BiCstreet Token Rewards. Art in Africa is highly sought after from collectors around the world and gaining momentum.

Social Wealth Management

There are numerous ways to help millennials and gen z improve and create wealth as jobs are eliminated through Robotics and AI. It starts by being a BiCstreet Member to meet Influencers who are already wealthy or experienced and can help you grow. A first step is to be in the know.